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More Party Pooches…


Party Dogs

Hi there. I have another birthday card to share…seems like I’ve had quite a few birthdays in September. This one was made for a dear family friend who is like a brother to my Dad – therefore, I guess, he’s kind of like my uncle. Anyway, Alan is an animal lover so I thought he’s get a kick out of these little partying pups from the Hero Arts Party Time (by Lia) set. As soon as I saw this set I knew I wanted to make a card with the dogs licking the cupcakes. Even though they appear to be chocolate cupcakes and I know dogs are not supposed to have chocolate. Anyway, they’re imaginary cupcakes with imaginary Copic chocolate frosting so please don’t report to PETA.

So, as I was saying, I used many stamps from the Party Time set to create this little party scene. I masked and stamped multiple balloons so it looked like they were all hovering around the ceiling. You can see where I even colored some to look as though you could see through them. This is achieved by coloring the overlapping part of the image(s)  with a little of the color of the object behind.

Here’s a close up view of what I’m talking about…

Balloons close up view

On the last blue balloon, I colored a little yellow piece on the lower left section following the outline of the yellow balloon that was behind it. And, on the first yellow balloon, you’ll notice the little section of red behind it. The red balloon is a little more opaque so it only slightly shows a little of the yellow balloon through. If I wanted to make all the balloons opaque, I would have just colored the balloons more solidly rather than overlapping the colors. I chose colors that matched the striped paper on the bottom portion of the card.

The entire image was colored using Copic markers. I added a few clear sequins to enhance the party atmosphere – maybe these dogs have one of those bubble machines at their party! You never know.

Have a super fun day and thanks for stopping by!