Twin Towers Me & Dad 1986       Twin Towers 2001

When I graduated high school in 1986, my father took me on a special trip to New York City. It was a commemorative year for the Statue of Liberty, which I loved (I even had her on my class ring), so it made the trip even more exciting.  That’s me and Dad (above) on the ferry heading to Ellis Island from Battery Park. We deliberately posed so we could capture the World Trade Center in the background. Little did either of us know that the backdrop we posed in front of would be forever changed one day. And in such an evil way.

It’s one of those times in history. One of those times that you’ll always remember exactly where you were and what you were doing the moment you heard (or saw) what had happened.  September 11, 2001, started off like any other normal work day for me. I hadn’t even been in my office an hour when I got a call from my mother.  She had been watching one of the morning news shows and called to tell me a plane had just crashed into the World Trade Center. I immediately went to the break room and joined a couple of other co-workers who were standing in front of the T.V.  We watched in disbelief as another plane came in and crashed into the other building. What?! Holy crap!  I couldn’t believe what I just saw…it was so surreal; unlike anything I’ve ever witnessed.  Then, the buildings collapsed right before our eyes.  Gone.

For the next few weeks I spent every chance I had glued to the TV watching the  the news continuously. One day I remembered I had the picture of me and Dad.  I knew that scene could never be recaptured so I decided to preserve the photo by creating a layout for my scrapbook and included headlines and clippings of that fateful day in 2001.

9-11 Scrapbook Page

So, where were you on September 11, 2001, and how did you find out what had happened? Even today, fifteen years later, I continue to think about and pray for all those people that were affected by this tragedy. So many lives lost, so many lives changed. Never forget.

May God bless America.

911 image


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  1. Awesome pics. Yes, I also remember that day. We lived in St. James Plantation in Southport NC. The golf course was at the end of our yard. Some ladies were approaching the tee box. I saw the attack while watching Katie on GMA. I ran out shouting to the golfers to run to the club house at watch the t.v.
    It was horribly upsetting.

  2. What a fabulous scrapbook layout and some really wonderful photos. I remember the day it happened. I was working in a factory at the time and was on break. When I came back someone told me a plane crashed through the twin towers. I thought they were joking, but sadly watched the events unfold when I got home. My youngest son was 5 years old as his birthday is on this very day.

    Thanks for sharing your story and project.

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